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Travel the world of coffees when you shop at Steepers Coffees & Teas.  Sit back and relax as you indulge your senses in the aromatic and flavourful coffees from faraway places. 

Close your eyes and imagine travelling on a safari as you sip a cup of coffee from Ethiopia.  Or let your taste buds dance to the pulsating rhythms of Colombia. 

Whatever your passion, it won’t take long to tantalize your taste buds sipping on a brew of Steepers Coffees. 

Travel through our SHOPIFY store to choose your coffee destination.

It’s a Coffee Lover’s Playground!

Be like Alice In Wonderland enjoying a fun-filled tea party for one!  You can relax with an ‘aaahhh’ moment sipping on a delightful Flavoured Black Tea, Chai or Bergamot.

Say ‘Hello’ to your inner child as you sip on a playful caffeine free fruity tea.  Hot or cold, our teas are simply the best!

You can be like Alice in Wonderland  shopping through the ‘looking glass’ when you browse our SHOPIFY store.

It’s a Tea Lover’s Playground!

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