Silver Belle Jewelry

Silver Belle Jewelry provides .925 sterling silver, and other fashion jewelry, at simply amazing prices.

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Silver Belle Jewelry

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  • 01-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 02-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 03-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 04-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 05-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 06-Mermaid tail earrings

  • 07-Classic bobble and dangle earrings

  • 08-Classic bobble and dangle earrings

  • 09-Bold forward facing sparkle earrings

  • 10-Bold forward facing sparkle earrings

  • 925 Sterling Silver dangle earring, pendant and bracelet set.

  • 925 Sterling Silver earrings with a celtic twist

  • 925 Sterling Silver Teardrop earrings

  • 925 Sterling Silvet hearts and sparkle earrings

  • Fashion Forward Hoops

  • Luminescent 12mm geode earrings.

  • Luminescent 8mm geode earrings

  • More Fashion Forward Hoops

  • Pretty 925 sterling silver dangle gemstone earrings

  • Rainbow pride studs