Adri's Boutique

My business consists of high quality mostly hand made jewlery and hand crafted products. Made for every taste and size I also take custom orders.

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Adri's Boutique

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  • Brown chocolate truffles arrangement

  • Chocolate truffle sunflower bouquet

  • Chocolate truffle sunflower bouquet

  • Chocolate truffles roses arrangement

  • Dark purple/black chocolate truffle arrangement

  • Grey Natural stone bracelet spiritual

  • Key long necklaces

  • Light purple and pink chocolate truffle arrangement

  • Long tear drop earrings

  • Long two tone stainless steel necklace

  • Multi colored shell bracelet

  • Rose gold and natural stones bracelet

  • Rose Gold hoop necklace

  • Rose gold rectangle earrings

  • Rose gold tassle earrings

  • Rose gold tear drop earrings

  • Stainless steel hoop necklace

  • Sunflower & blueberry chocolate truffle arrangement